Introducing the MakeDashy Team: A Seminar Debut

Ssong Kim
MakeDashy. Introducing the MakeDashy Team: A Seminar Debut
On November 17, 2022, MakeDashy team went to the first seminar at the fancy resort located in Jecheon, South Korea.
After 10 months of establishing the company, we have been running faster and harder. We achieve our milestones such as Pre-A round invest and Flip to U.S. corporation! So all our members got a refresh time for the next step! Let us show the first seminar memorable moment of the MakeDashy team!
The resort was a fancy place to feel the autumn mood. Since it's our first seminar, we had a lot of time to chill and enjoy the place thanks to our leadership. After arriving at the resort, we had some various sessions.
The first session was prepared by Julian, who is leading our Growth Operations team. He talked about all about story of our accounts who have used MakeDashy. Surprisingly, not only Operations team but also Product team ask him to lots of questions. Thanks to Julian, we became one beyond the position and team.
The second session was about the Journey to MakeDashy team by Zack. We had time to look back on our journey since the company was founded and to think about the journey we should take from now as well.
(This is a picture of the historical moment of our co-founders )
In addition, he opened the benefits of achieving the Series A round. It boosted the morale of our MakeDashy team members. I hope it was a meaningful time to remind us how we can move forward, individually and as a team!
After the session, we had a time for recreation to make teamwork much harder! We started the warm-up with the Negotiation game prepared by Daniel, the final battle was intense competition like a world cup match.
(You can guess who is the winner team )
Since then, we continued to play lots of games. For example, speed word quiz , Among Us and so on… Even if there were no prizes for the winner, we had such a pleasant time enjoying the game!
There are maybe some missing points we missed since it was our very first seminar, but I sure it was a time that made our team one. We always welcome new members who will join us for next Jeju workation 🙌🏻🙌🏻
If anyone wants to run with us from a fast growing startup, please apply now!

Join MakeDashy team, make it together 🙌

Join MakeDashy team,
make it together 🙌